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Смена состояний, новая фаза луны :o) -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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обов'язково почитайте!!! [05 Jun 2007|11:49am]
не можу не поділитися такою цікавою і радісною розповіддю, яку я вчора читала з величезним задоволенням. з відучора там ще й коментарі цікавенні з'явились:

В разгар веселья, когда всё доходило до нужной точки, Мариам подсела к заскучавшему тамаде. Выпили очередную стопку по теме "между первой и второй промежуток небольшой".

"Хорошо гудим!" - сказала тамаде Мариам. - "Ты чего смурной такой? Может, пойдёшь к молодёжи тряхнуть сединами?" И кивнула туда, где как раз в это время Иисус со всей гостевой толпой лихо отплясывал "семь-сорок"...
Тамада разлил ещё по стакану. "Хорошо-то хорошо... - тихо сказал озабоченый тамада. - Вот только через полчаса - максимум - облом начнётся..."
Мариам сделала большие удивлённые глаза.
Тамада наклонился к её уху и трагически прошептал:"Вино закончилось..."
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анєгдот [05 Jun 2007|04:47pm]
A Muslim, a Vegetarian, and a Java Programmer are traveling by foot, and they stop at a farm house to sleep for the night. The farmer is impressed at the obvious sophistication of the Java Programmer’s tales of Enterprise wonder, and he invites her into the house. The Muslim he sends to the hayloft, and the Vegetarian can sleep in the barn.

Well, the farmer is just pouring a night-cap and listening to the Java Programmer describe the time she knocked together a farm workflow application in less than a million lines of XML configuration code when there’s a knocking on the door.

He opens the door and the Vegetarian is standing there. “I’m sorry,” the Vegetarian apologizes, “But you slaughter animals in the barn, and eating meat is offensive to my beliefs. I cannot sleep in the barn.” The farmer thinks this is bunkum, but he was raised to be courteous to his guests, so he asks the Vegetarian to swap places with the Muslim.

The farmer knocks back his drink and turns down the lights. He can hear the Java Programmer setting up a sleeping bag factory to generate down-filled singleton sleeping containers in the living room. His wife is reading in bed, and he’s looking forward to catching up on the Wall Street Journal.

Well, he is just about to climb into bed when there’s a banging on the door. He opens the door, and the Muslim is standing there. “I’m sorry,” the Muslim apologizes, “But you keep pigs in the barn, and pigs are profane according to my beliefs. I cannot sleep in the barn.”

Muttering, the farmer rouses the Java Programmer off the couch and asks her to switch with the Muslim. He climbs into bed and has just started to read an interesting article on hedging commodity futures with convex derivatives when there’s a thunderous hammering at the door. His wife tells him to stay put and she goes to answer it. The farmer hears some excited talking, and a moment later his wife is at the bedroom door.

“Honey,” she says, “it’s the pigs.”
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